Support during Easter 2017

As every year in spring Easter is coming around. In Germany it brings us some extra holidays.

To ensure that all your applications in the Flying Circus are running smoothly we will monitor all regular support during business hours: Monday to Friday , 8-16 CE(S)T and SLA-covered emergency support as usual.

Here’s an overview of the next two weeks and our support availability. The highlighted days are national or local holidays and are only covered for SLA customers:

  • 2017-04-10 (Monday): regular support
  • 2017-04-11 (Tuesday): regular support
  • 2017-04-12 (Wednesday): regular support
  • 2017-04-13 (Thursday): regular support
  • 2017-04-14 (Friday): SLA-covered emergency support only
  • 2017-04-15 (Saturday): SLA-covered emergency support only
  • 2017-04-16 (Sunday): SLA-covered emergency support only
  • 2017-04-17 (Monday): SLA-covered emergency support only
  • 2017-04-18 (Tuesday): regular support
  • 2017-04-19 (Wednesday): regular support
  • 2017-04-20 (Thursday): regular support
  • 2017-04-21 (Friday): regular support
  • 2017-04-22 (Saturday): SLA-covered emergency support only
  • 2017-04-23 (Sunday): SLA-covered emergency support only

We hope that you and your loved ones will enjoy a few beautiful days of spring – Happy Easter!

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