Self-service User Management


We have prepared an update to which allows you to manage the users who have access to your projects, but more on that later.

This comes with some other user interface changes which we briefly introduce here.

First of all, the main focus is a project now – instead of VMs. With a growing amount of VMs became confusing. The focus on projects allows clearer thinking and gives more insights at a first glance. The dashboard looks like this now:

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 14.24.32.png Dashboard

We always had a concept of grouping VMs together into a “security zone” which we also called “resource group”. We came to the conclusion that those terms were confusing and too technical. A “project” is a more useful way of thinking about it.

But back to user management

We start with introducing a new permission (“manager”) which, when assigned, allows one to change users of a project. Managers can add and remove existing users, and assign permissions. As before, users with the login permission can login to all VMs of the respective project. Before you can add a user to a project that user needs to create an account for herself by registering.Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 14.44.04.png

Our new interface finally gives you the freedom to make changes to your team structure much quicker and independent from our support. Nevertheless: our support is here to help you when needed.

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