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Frank is a system administrator working at Flying Circus Internet Operations as well as a Free Software enthusiast.

Release 2017_010 with many security updates

During the last weeks we have prepared a larger update for our Gentoo based VMs. It will include many basic libraries as well as added support for Python 3.5 and 3.6. A detailed list of affected packages and changes can be found as usual in our ChangeLog. Please review the list of updated packages for libraries and tools that may have compiled into your applications. While we have tried to avoid link-level compatibility issues, a small chance remains that applications will not start afterwards due to dynamic linkage problems. Recompiling usually  solves this kind a problem.

As the update is a bit bulky, we opted for a staged roll out during the week. Each VM will get an individual scheduled maintenance slot according to the agreed pre-announcement period. Development and staging VMs will already receive updates during this weekend.

Please feel free to contact our support if you need assistance.

Downloading and extracting files with batou

During our daily work with deployments it is kind of routine to customize a package downloaded from the internet. In most cases this means downloading a tar file, extracting it and finally to modify some of its content to fit our needs.

This blog post will show you how this can be done during the deployment using batou and without fuzzing around with command line options of tar.

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Stopover at the Chemnitzer LinuxTage

Only a few days left until Chemnitzer Linuxtage open their gates. It’s one of the biggest Linux and Free Software events in Germany — maybe in whole Europe. The event mainly focuses on Free Software, the community aroundt it, and people doing great stuff with it.

There will be many users and developers giving talks and workshops, and of course some businesses, too. This is a good chance to get in contact with people involved in and behind your project or get in touch with new ideas and techniques. We’ll be around there, too and share our experiences and get new impulses: we’d be happy to seeyou during our talks about batou and backy.

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OpenSSH Triple 7 Bug — a good chance to upgrade your keys

OpenSSH is a very common used tool in server administration and secure data transfer between servers and/or clients. It’s deployed on a wide range of servers, clients, routers, mobile phones and possibly even on your DVD player. Unfortunately it’s a software which is having bugs, too. This is about the Triple 7 bug, why you should generate new SSH-keys and how to do this.

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Django with batou: The very basics

This is the start for a multiple part series on how to deploy a Django project with batou.

In this first part, we will setup our batou environment and have a brief look at batou itself. This way we can start to batou right from the start. In following parts we will