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Internal and External Interfaces From an Operations Perspective (long read)

We recently pitched for a project that explicitly asked for a team with experience dealing with a system that has many interfaces. I sat down and wrote an overview of our experience and what we learned about internal and external interfaces over time – and I’d like to share this in today’s post.

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Retrospection: Flying Circus at CLT2017

The Chemnitzer Linux Tage is a venue which needs no big introduction I guess. Connecting the (mostly) German Linux and open source enthusiasts for almost two decades now is a big achievement and a great event to catch up and meet people in #rl (real life). As we did in the last years we try to continuously make some kind of effort in participating, be it as lecturer, sponsor or having workshops.  This year we decided to introduce Vulnix, a tool for detecting potential vulnerabilities on running systems or nix-driven projects. I wrote about it here and there.

The Lecture


[1] Vulnix v1.0 release
[2] Introducing vulnix – a vulnerability scanner for NixOS

S3 outage: more diversity needed

The latest Amazon S3 outage showed me one thing again: more diversity is better.

Diversity is a current topic that includes social issues like women in tech. However, on a technical basis diversity also is important. It’s known that monocultures are more affected by diseases and other issues. So when half of the internet is using Amazon, a lot goes down if Amazon fails.

Every system will eventually fail. This is true for Amazon, as well as us. The internet is moving fast away from independent, interconnected nodes to an oligopoly. Nobody gets fired for using AWS nowadays. And that’s a problem I think. We need to embrace independent providers for the better of the internet.

Photo by Andrew Fogg.

Support during Christmas and New Year’s 2016/2017

It smells like Christmas everywhere – Holiday season is almost there.

To ensure that all your applications in the Flying Circus are running smoothly we will monitor all regular support during business hours* and emergency support as usual. We won’t be performing non-critical work in this time and catch up with any backlog early in January 2017.

Here’s an overview of the next days and our support availability. The highlighted days are national or local holidays and are only covered for SLA customers:

  • 2016-12-19 (Monday): regular support
  • 2016-12-20 (Tuesday): regular support
  • 2016-12-21 (Wednesday): regular support
  • 2016-12-22 (Thursday): regular support
  • 2016-12-23 (Friday): regular support
  • 2016-12-24 (Saturday):SLA-covered emergency support only
  • 2016-12-25 (Sunday): SLA-covered emergency support only
  • 2016-12-26 (Monday): SLA-covered emergency support only
  • 2016-12-27 (Tuesday): regular support
  • 2016-12-28 (Wednesday): regular support
  • 2016-12-29 (Thursday): regular support
  • 2016-12-30 (Friday): regular support
  • 2016-12-31 (Saturday): SLA-covered emergency support only
  • 2017-01-01 (Sunday): SLA-covered emergency support only
  • 2017-01-02 (Monday): regular support
  • 2017-01-03 (Tuesday): regular support
  • 2017-01-04 (Wednesday): regular support
  • 2017-01-05 (Thursday): regular support
  • 2017-01-06 (Friday): SLA-covered emergency support only

Happy holidays to everybody and see you in 2017!

* business hours = Mo-Fr, 8-16 CE(S)T